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A person, organization or business that returns end-of-life cooling appliances to a FreezponsibleTM recycler who will process halocarbons and other hazardous substances properly.

Refrigeration and cooling appliances (freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners,water or wine coolers, cold rooms, heat pumps, etc.) can have major environmental impacts at the end of their service life. Learn more about what they contain and be environmentally responsible by returning your appliances to Freezponsible retailers or municipalities.

What you can do

  • Entrust your refrigeration appliance to a Freezponsible retailer or municipality.
  • Ask your municipality about their pick-up and recycling methods.
  • Talk to your appliance retailer to find out how he recycles returned appliances. 
  • Tell your friends and neighbours who leave an appliance at the roadside about the consequences of their actions.
  • Discuss the refrigeration appliance issue with your family and friends and share the Freezponsible site on Facebook or Twitter.

Why recycle an old appliance ?

At the moment, the main component salvaged is metal and hazardous materials (gases, oils, mercury, etc.) are not dealt with. Other materials, such as plastics and polyurethane foam, could also be decontaminated and recycled. 
Some appliance retailers and municipalities turn appliances over to appliance recyclers who recover gas from the refrigeration system but rarely bother with the gases contained in foam insulation and other pollutants.
The Freezponsible recycling process is the only technology that recycles up to 96% of refrigeration appliance components. It is also the only process that traps and destroys 99.99% of the halocarbons in the appliances, including foam insulation, which can contain up to four times more gas than the refrigeration system!
A growing number of appliance retailers, municipalities and regional county municipalities (RCMs) are using the Freezponsible recycling process and are committed to recycling appliances in the most environmentally responsible manner.  
Ask your municipality and appliance retailer if they are Freezponsible.