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Manitoba’s organizations reduce greenhouse gas emissions

11 Jun 2018

Rural Municipality of Elton, City of Brandon, Bristal Hauling and Mother Earth Recycling got their FreezPonsible certification for recycling optimally refrigeration and cooling appliances.

Gases contained in cooling appliances are known GHG that substantially increase global warming.  In addition, CFC and HCFCs (Freon) are depleting the ozone layer. Just on improperly recycled refrigerator generates as much pollution as a car driven 17,000 km in one year!  The company PureSphera, located in Winnipeg, has developed unique solutions to solve this problem.

When they reach the end of their useful life cycle, these cooling appliances become waste material. Most of the time, they end up in metal recycling or in landfills, with no control over the gases they contain. In an era in where planned obsolescence is the norm, an annual increase in the number of end-of-life appliances and consequently an annual increase in the potential for greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions is observed.

Since 2008, PureSphera has been recycling cooling appliances and destroying the harmful gases contained within. PureSphera recycles 96% of the materials and is the only company in Canada that can capture and segregate halocarbons from the insulating foam. PureSphera certifiesthat it maximizes the recovery and the safe destruction of halocarbons and convert this activity into carbon offsets that can be monetized on a voluntary or regulated market.